About Lifafa

Lifafa Foods is an Innovative fooding concept which has created a RAPID-MASS-FEEDING-SYSTEM (RMFS). Just like METRO TRAINS are RAPID-MASS-TRANSIT-SYSTEM , which against conventional transport system are fast and Economical mode of transport of masses, the RMF system of Lifafa foods claims to be the first such country-wide Network of Mass- Feeding system.

The mission of Lifafa foods can best be summarized as follows:

“Preparing Large Quantity of High quality & Low cost food with Hygiene and serving HOT and anytime.”

The Lifafa Foods is catering to diverse requirements of various domains such as wide-spread Door-step delivery , easy-to-locate take –away counters , FoodTruck, Hot-Spots, Express counters , Third-party food counters, Franchisee counters, Food Depot, Factory Outlets, Out-Door Catering, Nurturing small-time cafeteraia and restaurants and Institutional clients . Various innovative concepts introduced such as Community- Lifafa, Charity- Lifafa, Gift -Lifafa, Green –Lifafa, Family-Lifafa and Party-Lifafa.

The model of large-scale cooking-packing-freezing-transporting- heating and delivery -model is being implemented in various cities by establishing a network of Community-Canteens, Food-trucks, Food-Kiosks, and also door-step Delivery vans and Bikes through company owned/franchisee route.

For its successful operation, the company has employed a team of several experts of their respective domains. Various existing and innovative methods of marketing , advertisement, and promotions are being done to run & expand its business operations. As a step towards supporting digital India, it is exclusively using Internet, Social Media , exclusively developed Software and mobile based applications, ( Apps) receiving orders online/offline and receiving payments through cash & cashless medium including company owned mobile wallet and other existing online payment methods.

The Objectives are being achieved by using latest food processing technology with automated machines. Several innovative ideas and concepts have been designed, developed and implemented in all related modules including Procurement, Pre-Processing, Production, Packing, Freezing , transportation, warming and delivery while maintaining the highest standards in all processes thereby generating millions of daily -meals and thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Collaboration and association with other organizations/ companies/individuals/non-profit organizations/trusts etc are also being done to get help and secure the required resources.

Everyone is welcome to Project Lifafa in one way or other. It has something to offer for everybody. It is Making Good food affordable.

Greeting from Lifafa!.